Reggae Prawn Cocktail

Shrimp L

You will need:

• 180g Cooked Prawns

• ¼ Iceberg lettuce - shredded

• 4 tbsp Reggae Reggae Sauce

• 3tbsp Mayonnaise

• ½ Lemon – cut into 4

• 8 slices cucumber

• 1 tomato – cut into ¼’s

Serves 4

What to do:

To put some music in your food, do this…

• Take 4 wine glasses or dishes and fill the bottom of each with lettuce, divide the prawns between the 4

• Mix the Reggae Reggae sauce with the mayonnaise and add a good dollop on top of the prawns

• Garnish with a wedge of lemon, tomato and a slice of cucumber. Finally sprinkle with a little paprika and enjoy!

Roots recommends...

For a really special occasion use big juicy cooked King prawns, go on push the boat out!

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