You Can Get It If You Really Want book cover


'You Can Get It If You Really Want'

From Levi Roots, the man who famously slayed the dragons, You Can Get It If You Really Want is a new business book brimming with positivity.

This book is packed full invaluable practical advice as well as Levi’s personal anecdotes of his success, the mistakes he made, and the lessons he learned from them. You Can Get It If You Really Want includes Levi’s Top 10 Roots of Success: ten essential rules that he believes should underpin any entrepreneurial venture. Chapter by chapter Levi then takes the reader through the key stages of launching a successful business, from the all-important planning stages and working out your USP through to advice on making your venture a long-term success.

There is plenty of hard facts and essential information alongside the motivation and inspiration you would expect from the charismatic Levi.

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