Are Levi’s products available internationally?

Unfortunately Levi’s products are only widely available in the UK. We are currently exploring various international opportunities but please continue to check our website for additional information including international launches.

Where can I buy Levi Roots products?

Please visit the ‘products page’ (http://www.leviroots.com/products/) to view where the products are stocked around the UK. Please note that not all branches of supermarkets may stock an individual product.

Where can I find additional health information about Levi’s products?

Please visit the products page to view health and nutrition information for each product. (http://www.leviroots.com/products/)

Will Levi donate to my charity?

Levi is a regular contributor to events and institutions supporting young people and cultural initiatives. Levi receives requests for sponsorships and donations on a daily basis and whilst his generosity knows no bounds, he is not able to support them all unfortunately.

Levi's charitable expenditure is at capacity and therefore he is unable to accommodate additional requests at this moment in time.

Is Levi available to do person appearances?

Thank you for your interest in inviting Levi to visit your event. Unfortunately his schedule is currently extremely busy with various events and meetings but please do send the request details and if Levi is available a member of his team will contact you. Please include the time, date and location of the requested appearance within your email.

What type of suits do you wear?

One of the top questions Levi is asked when visiting schools and colleges is ‘where can I pick up a suit like that!’. Unfortunately his vibrant suits aren’t readily available on the high street (yet!) and he currently gets each one tailored made by Ozwald Boateng!