Early History

Caribbean Early History

The Caribbean has a rich and varied history.  While many people know that Christopher Columbus "discovered" the Caribbean, what most do not don't know is that the Caribbean Islands had an interesting history well before Columbus' arrival.  In fact, the first people to live on the Caribbean Islands were tribes of people called the Arawaks and Caribs. 

While life was initially peaceful, by the time Columbus arrived, the Arawaks and Caribs had been at war for many years. The Arawaks were a skilled tribe known for weaving baskets and trading crops, while the Caribs were known as a more war like people who pillaged villages for supplies and slaves.  The Caribs were also excellent weapons makers and skilled makers of pottery.

Both tribes caught and ate marine life, they also routinely ate lizards, snails, turtles, and birds as well.  Every day's catch would be added to a pepper pot, which was a stew that simmered and cooked for weeks.  Today, pepper pots are still a native Caribbean dish.