22/04/2012 2010 Spreading The Word

Levi's main focus has been to promote the Reggae Reggae brand and the message it symbolizes. 'I want to spread the word that if a black Brixtonian Rastafarian can make it with just a sauce, then you can make it too.'

The Levi Roots range continues to grow with Caribbean inspired cooking sauces, ready meals, soft drinks, desserts and more. Numerous high profile restaurant chains have signed deals with Levi to use the sauce on their menus including Wetherspoons and other high street franchises

In 2008, Levi hosted his debut TV series 'Caribbean Food Made Easy’ in which he aimed to make the vibrant tastes and healthy ingredients of Caribbean food more accessible, and it was accompanied by his iconic book of the same name.

As well as cooking, Levi continued to fulfill his passion for credible roots music by releasing his studio album 'Red Hot' with its catchy summer single ‘So Out Of My Mind’, in 2009.

Food for Friends - 280 x 352